I run workshops teaching acupressure to pregnant women and their birthing partners who would like to learn simple yet very effective acupressure for natural pain relief during childbirth. Research carried out in New Zealand by midwives has shown that women receiving acupressure during childbirth had more efficient labours with less need for any medical intervention.

I also run workshops for midwives and doulas teaching them acupressure points to use for pain relief in labour, so that they can use them during births they attend and teach them to their pregnant women and the birth partners. Below are some quotes from their evaluation forms:

“Really interesting and came away with clear information, feeling confident about using acupressure”. (Doula)

“I wanted to know how to support women and their partners at home-births. I think that I will feel confident to do this now”. (Midwife)

“Easy to understand and made simple to remember and practice”. (Doula)

If you are interested in holding a workshop to learn acupressure for pain relief in childbirth, please do contact me on the email or mobile below. I am also happy to come and talk to your ante-natal or pregnancy yoga group on using acupressure to prepare for birth and during labour.

Mobile: 07747 840671
Soreh Levy

Current Workshops


This two hour work-shop is designed for midwives, doulas, pregnancy yoga teachers and other health care professionals who would like to learn easy to use but very effective acupressure points to assist women with natural pain relief in labour.

The workshop will include:

  • a PowerPoint presentation of the points’ location and usage.
  • the chance to practice locating the points in pairs or small groups. The points we will practice are on the shoulders, hands, lower back (sacral area), lower legs and ankles.
  • a hand-out with all the point locations and usage.

The acupressure points that will be taught are commonly used for:

  • natural pain relief.
  • to help to promote an efficient labour (e.g. if the labour has slowed down).
  • to help the baby to move into the optimal position for a vaginal delivery.

By the end of the workshop, participants should feel confident in locating and using the points and be able to help pregnant women and their partners to locate them.