Professional Acupuncturist in Brighton & Hove

If you are looking a professional acupuncture in Sussex, Brighton & Hove, look no further than here. Soreh Levy is a professional acupuncturist in Brighton & Hove and has been involved in complementary medicine for over twenty years. She works as a massage therapist, Shiatsu practitioner and then qualified as an acupuncturist at the College of Integrated Chinese Medicine.

Covid 19 Announcement – from Monday 30th March 2020

Government regulations that we must all stay  home except for essential work, exercise and shopping means that for the time being, face to face acupuncture appoinments are not possible.  I am currently offering on-line consultations via Skype, What’sApp or Zoom to anyone seeking advice in relation to fertility or pregnancy. An on-line call can help patients with fertility issues such as hormonal or menstrual imbalances and much more. Advice can be offered regarding commonly experienced pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, sickness and fatigue.  I can demonstrate acupressure points for you to use effectively at home and show you how to turn a Breech or transverse lie baby using moxibustion, (and safely provide you with moxa sticks to do the treatment). I can teach you and your birth partner acupressure points to use to help promote a natural labour if you are past your ‘due date’ An on-line call could also help those with anxiety or fears due to Covid 19 and the effect it is having on your life, your loved ones and the lives of others around you. The price for on-line appointments is less than half the price of a regular acupuncture session.

You can contact me via my email – or via my mobile 07747 840671.

Stay well.


Acupuncture Specialist in Brighton & Hove

Soreh specialises in treating women’s health isues in Brighton &  Hove, Sussex. She is a  founding member of the Acupuncture Childbirth Team, Brighton & Sussex which supports women and their partners with fertility issues, through conception, birth,  labour and post natally.

She is also qualified to prescribe Patent Chinese herbs. Alongside the acupuncture treatments, she offers advice in relation to nutrition, lifestyle and exercise regimes to help obtain optimum health.

Soreh is a member of the British Acupuncture Council that guarantees that practitioners have achieved an approved standard of training in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine and are bound by their Code of Ethics and Code of Practice. She undertakes regular Continual Professional Development courses and workshops to enhance her knowledge and skills. So if you would like to know more information or looking to book a professional acupuncture in Sussex, Brighton & Hove, contact Soreh today on 01273 220159. She will be more than happy to assist you with your requirements.



What Patients Say

I saw Soreh for three sessions from week 39 to prepare my body for labour, my third session being at 41 weeks for the acupuncture induction.  The next day my midwife told me I was already 3cm dilated and I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t in any pain, I had no idea! Three days later, within 5 hours of the first mild contraction I was 10cm fully dilated and ready to go! Three hours later on just gas and air, my son was born - the natural, drug free labour I desperately wanted. I truly believe Soreh’s sessions helped prepare my body for labour and gave me an amazing birth experience.






I came to you for help with my irregular periods a few months ago. For about a year previously, my cycle had been all over the place and it was causing me a lot of stress.  Ever since that one session with you, my period has come right on time every single month. My mood swings have improved and my anxiety has melted away.  It seems like the work you did has restored my body’s balance and I am so grateful.



We welcomed our baby girl into the world in the early hours of this morning, weighing 7lbs, 2oz. Just the birth we had hoped for - at home in the birthing pool. Thank you so much for your kindness, excellent treatment and tips. The acupressure points you marked really helped the pain during contractions.



Oscar Thomas Haddon arrived very quickly yesterday morning and he's absolutely perfect. I had a water birth with just gas and air as I'd wanted and we came home yesterday afternoon so I'm over the moon. Thank you so much for all your help. Not only did he arrive on his due date, but the acupuncture made the last couple of weeks of pregnancy so much more enjoyable as I felt brilliant, and no sciatic pain during labour either. Thank you, Soreh. I'm sure I'll be back to see you soon.

Nicky Haddon


I had the most fantastic birthing experience and very effective contractions with no pain relief. My daughter was born in the birthing pool. I am convinced that the pre- birth treatment you gave me was invaluable and would recommend it to anyone. I am beyond happy!

E. Steyning


I started Moxibustion with Soreh at 34 weeks after my baby had remained in breech position since the beginning of my pregnancy. At my 36 week check-up, the midwife confirmed the baby was turned head down! This was my first experience of acupuncture and I would definitely recommend moxibustion to anyone who has a baby in a breech position.



We were on the NHS waiting list for IVF and looking into private fertility clinics, when a friend recommended I try acupuncture. I had treatment over an 8 month period (my partner came too) and then we were overjoyed to find out I was pregnant!



I really believe that the acupuncture played a huge part in the success of my IVF treatment.



Just to say your induction treatment on Wednesday worked! Thanks very much for your help.